Ian J. Thompson

Professor of Physics
BSc (1972), MSc (1974, Massey University, NZ), PhD (1979, University of Auckland, NZ) CPhys, FInstP

Address: Physics Department,
University of Surrey,
GU2 5XH,
United Kingdom
Telephone: +44 (0)1483 689421
Fax: +44 (0)1483 686781
Mail to: i.thompson@surrey.ac.uk

Ian Thompson is a member of the Nuclear Physics Group, having joined the staff of the University of Surrey in 1988. He is part of the Russian-Nordic-British Theory (RNBT) collaboration on the theory of radioactive nuclear beams, and also works extensively with theoretical and/or experimental physicists at Surrey, in the USA and in Europe. His speciality is the use of few-body theories to model the structure of nuclei, and to understand the dynamical reaction processes when atomic nuclei collide. He is especially interested in the quantum mechanical and associated computational modelling of collisions of nucleons, loosely bound composite and unstable (neutron or proton rich) nuclear systems, their scattering and breakup. He, with other Group members is pursuing research directed toward the greater understanding of nuclear properties provided by the use of high-intensity radioactive beams of exotic combinations of neutrons and protons.

Publications 1996-2000

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