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Topics in Astrophyiscs and Cosmology

Astrophysical Units

the astronomical unit, stellar magnitudes, absolute magnitudes, bolometric magnitudes, luminosity magnitude, other units and conventions.

Observational Techniques

measuring astronomical distances, ground and space based observing techniques, optical and radio telescopes, x-ray and infrared and gamma ray astronomy, detectors and imaging devices

How Stars Form

gravitational collapse and heating, fusion process, main sequence of stars, conditions for fusion and core temperature, transfer of energy to surface.

Energy Generation in Stars

where the sun's energy comes from, fission and fusion, energy transport, CNO cycle, energy generation in the sun.

How Stars End

white dwarfs, neutron stars, supernovae, novae, x-ray bursters, pulsars, black holes

Stellar Spectroscopy

types of Spectra, spectrum of the sun and other stars, shape of spectral line, classifying stellar spectra, chemical composition, radial velocities.


topics in cosmology including Hubble's Law and the Big Bang

Further Astrophysics Links


includes...information, pictures and links on famous astronomers and astrophysicists such as Kepler, Copernicus, Galileo, Einstein, Newton, Hipparchus, Hubble and more...


includes...images of space, planets etc. as well as information on space stations, nasa etc.

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