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Copernicus, Nicolaus (1473-1543)
Galileo Galilei (1564-1642)
Einstein, Albert (1879-1955)
Hipparchus (c. 180-125 BC)
Jansky, Karl (1905-1950)
Kepler, Johannes (1571-1630)
Newton, Issac (1642-1727)
Ptolemy (2nd Century AD)
Shapley, Harlow (1885-1972)
Hawking, Stephen (1942-1998+)

Edwin P. Hubble (1889-1953)

Edwin P. Hubble (1889-1953)

Edwin Powell Hubble revolutionised our knowledge of the size, structure and properties of the universe by using the largest telescope of his time. He proved that galaxies are small 'universes' and created a system to classify them by. Today, there is a large telescope in orbit named after him.

Information on his work and a short biography

A short biography of Hubble

Plain text biography of Hubble

Complete Biography of Edwin Hubble

All the information you could want to know about the Hubble Telescope...including diagrams, pictures, links to NASA and equations etc.

Hubble's galaxy classification system with diagrams

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