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The CTI Centre for Physics is located in the Physics Department of the University of Surrey. It is one of 24 centres which aim to promote the use of computers for teaching in UK higher education.

The Centre's brief is:

The services and products we offer are:

Institutions Supported
We support all institutions funded by HEFCE, SHEFC, HEFCW and DENI free of charge. Overseas and commercial organisations are charged for equivalent support.

Services Provided

The newsletter "Computers in Physics Education", is distributed free to higher education institutions in the UK. This includes news of recent software releases, conferences, meetings and workshops as well as software reviews. PostScript versions of back issues are available for downloading. Also many articles and software reviews from the newsletter have been mounted on this web server.

Resource Guide
We maintain a database of teaching tools and packages relevent to physics at the higher education level. A version of this is accessible by WWW. This version has full information, as supplied by the publishers, of many of the software packages which can be used to support teaching physics at UK HE institutes, reviews of some of these packages are linked to their entries in the resource guide, as are external sources of information such as other WWW pages or ftp sources of software.

Electronic Mailing List
The centre uses a mailbase mailing list to deliver up to date information about workshops, software available from the centre for review and for discussion about computers in physics education. To join the list send a message to Mailbase@Mailbase.ac.uk containing only the line Join CTI-Physics Isaac Newton with "Isaac Newton" replaced by your own name. Further information and archives of previous messages are available from mailbase.

The centre runs regular workshops concerning the use and prduction of computer based courseware. These are typically one or two days long and include demonstrations and hands-on sessions focussing on a particular package or class of tools. A programme of workshops for the next few months is avaible on this server.

Site Visits
We will visit departments which express an interest in using or learning more about computer based learning. Normally we bring a range of software for demonstration and for lecturers to try out. Please contact the centre if you are interested in us visiting you so that we can discuss your needs and interests.

Individual Enqiries
We are always happy to answer questions related to the use of computers to teach physics and the availability and suitability of packages to for particular courses you can contact the centre by phone, email or post. Visitors to the centre are also welcome by prior arrangement.

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