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These reviews have been commissioned by CTI-Physics from lecturers in UK HE institutes. Many are available in two non-HTML formats: Adobe's protable document format (pdf) and plain text. We strongly reccommend that you use the pdf files, however for this you will need a pdf reader. The text files contain the same information but with no figures or text formatting.


Calculus Connections Vols 1 and 2
Full review of Calculus Connections, multimedia aid to teaching calculus.
CAL Packages for Optics
Comparative review of seven general CAL packages and specialist programs which can be used to teach optics.
CUPS: General overview, Astrophysics, Electromagnetism and Quantum Mechanics Simulations
DOS based simulations and books aimed at more advanced courses.
Albert: Complete Physics
Windows based simulations aimed at introductory and first year undergraduate physics courses.
Physics Academic Software
DOS Based simulations
Multimedia Motion
CD containing video clips of bodies in motion, the position of which can be marked to generate plots of position, velocity, and acceloration.
Schaum's Interactive Electromagnetism
Mathcad elctronics book based on the solved problems in Schaum's Electromagnetics
Interactive Physics
Mechanics simulation laboratory on a computer

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