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Here you can find a list of all the online undergraduate lecture materials that are currently offered by the various course lecturers. Certain materials are only available from within the University campus, and these links are coloured red.

If you have questions or queries about specific material, please contact the lecturer who is listed as the author. If a link is not working, or you would like a new link included in the table, please email

9/09/07 The information here is out of date for several of the modules and is being updated now. Apologies for inconvenience. Please visit again in a few days time.

Level 1:
Code Course Title Resource Download Author
1LAB Physics Laboratory laboratory scripts Dr Hosea
1AMQ Atoms Molecules and Quanta

slides (ppt)

Dr Podolyak
1CL Computational Laboratory Computing: online material
Data Handling:
Dr Stevenson
Dr Murdin
1IASS Introduction to Astrodynamics and Space Science slides (ppt) Professor Gelletly
1EL Electronics

lecture notes and problem sheets

Dr. Sweeney

Maths 3

notes Dr Oi
1PP Principles of Physics problem sheets Dr Sweeney
1STR Space, Time and Relativity module homepage Professor Jim Al-Khalili
Level 2:
Code Course Title Resource Download Author
2AM Additional Mechanics online material Prof Tostevin
2EM1 Electromagnetism 1 problem sheet Dr Dalton
2ESS Exploring the Solar System lecture notes Dr Sellin
2GLSS Galaxies and Large Scale Structures notes (ppt) Dr Regan
2MCS Modelling Complex Systems ULEARN Dr Stevenson
2MQP Mathemematical and Quantum Physics 1/2 online material (Maths)
online material (quantum)
Dr Sear
Dr Faux
2NP Nuclear Physics tutorial sheets Dr Catford
2RDM Radiation Detection and Measurement figures and STOMP coursework notes Dr Sellin
2RDM Radiation Detection and Measurement lecture notes Dr Sellin
2SP Semiconductor Physics notes Professor Murdin
2TP Thermal Physics online material Dr Keddie
Level 3:
Code Course Title Resource Download Author
3AQM Advanced Quantum Mechanics notes Dr Oi
3FD Financial Derivatives

module homepage

Dr. David Faux
3EPP Elementary Particle Physics slides (ppt) Professor Clough
3FYP Final Year Project module homepage Professor Ben Murdin
3MI Medical Imaging MI, MRI slides, notes (ppt) Dr Doran
3PNT Photonics and Nanotechnology ULEARN Professor Allam
3NA Nuclear Astrophysics




Dr Podolyak
3REL Relativity notes, coursework, problems sheets and past papers (pdf) Dr Doran
3SM Soft Condensed Matter Physics online material Dr Keddie

Physics of Uncertainty

notes (pdf)

Dr Sear

Quantum Physics 

previous module home page (Faux)

new module home page (Oi)

Dr Oi



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