Level 1 Course Information

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The degree at Level 1 is divided into 4 Multiple Modules. The first 3 (Physics, Mathematics and Experimental Physics) are compulsory for all students. The fourth multiple module is in Specialist Physics, and students choose option A, or B depending on which degree programme they are enrolled in.

This table summarises the Multiple Modules and their Component Courses for the different degree programmes at Level 1.

Each multiple module is further divided into 3 Component Courses. Details on Component Courses, including links to on-line teaching material, are available here. All students take 12 component courses (6 each semester), each equivalent to 10 credits and designed around a minimum student workload of 100 hours. In addition, all students must also attend weekly one-hour Small Group Tutorials.

Full details of modules and course components can be found in the Level 1 Handbook



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