Accessibility features

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A modified subset of the UK Government's Accesskey system is in operation on these pages to assist users with navigation through these pages by using keyboard shortcuts, which are enabled in modern web browsers.

To use this system, press and hold the Alt key (on Windows computers) or the Control key (on Apple computers) together with the accesskey you want, then press Enter to go to that linked page.

The accesskeys use on our pages are as follows:

AccesskeyLinked Page
Alt+sSkip navigation and go to page content
Alt+1Home page
Alt+2News and Events
Alt+3Site map
Alt+5University of Surrey homepage
Alt+6School homepage
Alt+7Department homepage
Alt+8Research Centre homepage
Alt+9Research Group homepage
Alt+0This accessibility page

Adjusting the text size

To increase the font size of the text on our pages, go to the 'View' menu of your internet browser, select 'Text Size', then change it from the default size of 'Medium' to the size that suits your needs.

Legacy web browsers

This site uses Cascading Style Sheets for layout which are unsupported by IE 4 and below and Netscape 4 and below. Users of these browsers can still access the information, but without the intended presentation and only with a certain loss of functionality.

Printing the pages

The pages on this site have been designed so that parts that are only required for on-screen navigation do not appear on the printouts.


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