Nuclear Physics Bull Sessions

Bull sessions are informal discussions of work in progress. Contributions from postgraduate students are particularly welcome.

Speakers should aim to talk for 30-40 minutes followed by questions and discussion.

Please contact Neil Summers if you would like to give a talk.

Autumn 2002

Thursday, 26th September 2002, 1pm, Room 33AC04
"Direct capture contribution to the 11C(p,gamma)12N reaction at astrophysical energies"
      N. Timofeyuk

Thursday, 3rd October 2002, 1pm, Room 33AC04
"Fusion reactions with a 8He beam"
      Z. Podolyak

Thursday, 24th October 2002, 1pm, Room 33AC04
"The neutron halo: a new toy for theorists"
      J. Al-Khalili

(CNRP Review Talk)

Thursday, 31st October 2002, 1pm, Room 33AC04
"Beyond the mean field with many-body perturbation theory"
      P. Stevenson

(CNRP Review Talk)

Thursday, 7th November 2002, 1pm, Room 33AC04
"Measurement and simulation of a charge breeding ECRIS?"
      Antonio Emmanouilidis (Brighton)

Thursday, 14th November 2002, 1pm, Room 33AC04
"Theory of stripping reactions from a neutron plus deformed core system"
      P. Batham

Thursday, 21st November 2002, 1pm, Room 33AC04
"Spectroscopic amplitudes in proton decay:
                                    where have people been going wrong?"

      J. Al-Khalili

Thursday, 5th December 2002, 1pm, Room 33AC04
"Resonance structure of 9Be and 9B in a microscopic cluster model"
      K. Arai

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