See also central directions and map.

Train Travel to Guildford:

From London:

Get the fast train from Waterloo - the Portsmouth service. Do not get the "via Cobham" or "via Epsom" slow services.

From Reading:

The North Downs line to Guildford and Gatwick leaves from a little platform tucked around a corner from the escalators.

From Gatwick:

Best is direct (North Downs line to Reading - beware, the train reverses out of Redhill station - don't panic) - but you could go via Clapham Junction and get a fast train to Guildford.

From Heathrow:

Get the RailAir Link coach to Woking from your arrival terminal (40-50 mins) and get a train to Guildford (10 mins) from just inside the station at the nearest platform.

For train times, see Railtrack queries.

Arrival at the University by train:

About 15 minutes' walk...

Get off the train and head away from platforms 1/2, along the bridge not the underpass, towards the higher platform numbers, and you will see signs to the university.

You walk out the back entrance of the station and turn right along a road. Past a florist and a chinese takeaway. Take a right at a small christian/ daycare centre after 200 yards, along Guildford Park Road to a council car park.

Go through or around the carpark and up the hill, and follow the road all around onto campus (keep the train line on your right) and past student housing on your left, keep following the road past the lake. You get to a small carpark near Senate House.

Diagonally across the car park you will see the new Centre for Satellite Engineering building. Head towards it, and follow along the road in front of it, to your left: go past a raised barrier and under a walkway. The last building on your right is called "BC" (directly below the final walkway).

Enter BC and go to Level 04 (three floors up). Enter towards the Physics Teaching Laboratories and you are in Nuclear territory. Follow the corridors around the building and on your left you will notice some members of the Nuclear Physics Group:

Room 04BC04  Nuclear Theory Research Room 16BC04  Prof Ian Thompson
Room 05BC04 Prof Ron Johnson Room 17BC04 Dr Wilton Catford
Room 15BC04 Dr Makito Oi Room 18BC04 Prof Phil Walker (sabbatical 02/03)

and opposite Makito's office is the corridor leading to:
Room 27BC04 Dr Roger Barrett Room 32BC04 Nuclear Research Fellows
Room 31BC04 Dr Paddy Regan Room 33BC04 Nuclear Research Students

across the bridge to Building AC, and up one floor, are:
Room 17AC05 Prof Bill Gelletly Room 20AC05 Prof Jeff Tostevin
Room 22AC05 Dr Jim Al-Khalili 
Alternatively, you can wait for a bus that takes you to the centre of the campus. The bus goes every 10 mins or so. The bus stop is opposite the station exit described above ("Guildford Link" - green and yellow logo) and the fare is 70p return, 50p single. There is also a stop outside the front exit of the station (platform 2). This brings you to the Senate House car park (the end of the route for the bus). Directions from there are included above.
Departmental Telephone: 01483-68-6780 is Physics Department Office 19AC05.

Departmental fax: 01483-68-6781 (for those with mobile phones/faxes!)

Happy travelling!

Getting to the Physics Department

By train:

There are regular trains from Waterloo. The faster service has destination Portsmouth. In the middle of the day, their departures from Waterloo are at 15 and 44 mins past each hour, with journey time 1/2 hr to Guildford. There are slower trains as well, but stick to the ones going to Portsmouth.

From the Guildford station, come out of the rear exit (Guildford Park Road). It takes about 15 mins to walk to the Physics Department (Block AC, level 05). (Turn right into Guildford Park Road, and right again after about 100m, as signposted to the university, via a council car park.) Alternatively, you can wait for a bus that takes you to the centre of the campus. The bus goes every 10 mins or so. The bus stop is opposite the station exit on Guildford Park Road ("Guildford Link" - green and yellow logo) and the fare is 70p return, 50p single. 

By car:

From the M25, leave at junction 10 (A3) marked to Guildford. As you approach Guildford, you can see the Cathedral, which is next to the University. DO NOT take the first exit into Guildford town centre - continue along the A3 on a raised section of carriageway, and shortly after a left-hand bend there is a turn-off marked CATHEDRAL and UNIVERSITY. Take this turn. At the roundabout, take the first exit into the University. Continue ahead, ignoring the security lodge and DO NOT take the road on the right. Follow the perimeter road around to Car Park 4, which offers the option of Pay-and-Display (2 pounds/day).