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All email addresses listed below should have appended. Selecting the e-mail addresses will allow you to send e-mail to that person if your WWW browser supports the mailto URL. Not all browsers support mailto. Netscape and Lynx do, but Mosaic 2.4 doesn't.

Phone numbers listed below are extension numbers. All extensions can be contacted by phoning the university main switchboard on 01483 300800, and asking for the extension number. Extensions starting with a 9 or 6 can be dialed directly by prepending 01483 87.

The international direct dial (IDD) code for the UK. is +44. The initial 0 should be left out if using IDD, for example, 01483 300800 becomes +44 1483 300800.

The phone number for general physics department enquiries is 01483 8726800, and the physics department's fax number is 01483 876781.

Academic Staff

Name			E-mail		Tel.
----------------------- --------------- ----------
Dr. Jim Al-Khalili	j.alkhalili	x6808
Dr. Roger C. Barrett	r.barrett	x9408
Dr. Wilton N. Catford	w.catford	x6804
Prof. William Gelletly	w.gelletly	x9400
Prof. Ron C. Johnson	r.johnson	x9375
Dr. Paddy H. Regan	p.regan		x6783
Dr. Ian J. Thompson	i.thompson	x9421
Dr. Jeff A. Tostevin	j.tostevin	x6784
Dr. Phil M. Walker	p.walker	x6807

Research Staff

Name			E-mail		Tel.
----------------------- --------------- -----
Dr. Supagorn Rugmai	S.Rugmai		x6795	
Dr. Natalia Timofeyuk   N.Timofeyuk	x6795
Dr. Leonid Grigorenko   L.Grigorenko	x6795
Dr. Brian Cross		B.Cross		x6795	Part time
Dr. Furong Xu        	F.Xu		x9405
Dr. Z. Podolyak		Z.Podolyak	x9405

Visiting Fellows

Name			E-mail			Tel.
----------------------- --------------- 	-----
Victor Efros	x9408
Ana Eiro
Radhey Shyam		


Name			E-mail		Tel.
----------------------- --------------- -----
Chris G. Bishop		c.bishop	x9417

Research Students

Name			E-mail		Tel.
----------------------- --------------- -----
John Brooke		j.brooke		x2730 
Monica Caamano		M.Caamano	x6809
Catherine Chandler	C.Chandler	x6809
Jeffrey Higham		J.Higham		x9408
Katherine Jones		K.Jones		x6809
John Mortimer		J.Mortimer	x6809
Mark Shawcross          M.Shawcross    x6809
James Stott		J.Stott		x2730
Neil Summers          	N.Summers    x6809
Tatiana Taroutina	T.Taroutina	x6809


Prof. William Gelletly is head of School. Dr. Phil Walker is group leader and Dr. Jeff Tostevin is deputy group leader.

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