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The World-wide Web Virtual Library: Nuclear Physics
Main index of nuclear physics related resources on the web.
University of Washington Nuclear Physics Laboratory
Home page of the UW NPL. This page contains lots of graphics images so may take a long time to load. Alternate entry points are :
Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
Home page of LBL. An alternate entry point is
Nuclear Physics Electronic
An electronic version of the journals Nuclear Physics A and Nuclear Physics B from North Holland Publishing, Amsterdam. We now have full access to this archive. Users from other sites (outside the physics department here) may need to register, for more details see the access section in the help page.
Los Alamos National Laboratory's Physics E-print Server
On line database on papers in physics and related fields, searchable by title, author and abstract. Abstracts and full text are downloadable. Full text available in TeX or Postscript. An alternate entry point is :
SISSA W3 server physics e-print archive. Preprints and abstracts in high-energy and nuclear physics. Pretty much the same info as at LANL. Alternate entry points are :
Brookhaven National Laboratory.
BNL World Wide Web gateway. Alternate entry points are :
University of York Nuclear Structure Group
This is the welcome page of the Nuclear Structure Group at the University of York.
Chart of the Nuclides
A clickable map of the chart of the nuclides giving useful information about all the nuclei on the chart. Be warned, this site is in the states and may be slow for clicking on nuclei - it's probably better to enter the isotope on the form provided.
The Joint European Torus
Lots of information about the Joint European Torus. For those of you who don't know, JET is ``the world's largest magnetic confinement fusion experiment which aims at confirming the scientific theory of fusion and the scientific feasibility of nuclear fusion for power generation.''
Nuclear physics at the GANIL laboratory
The experimentalists here are often going to this neck of the woods.
Information is also available in English.
Nuclear physics at the Australian National University
There's a big nuclear physics group at the ANU. They have a tandem Van de Graff accelerator (15.5 MeV last time I played with it).
Few-Body Systems
Electronic version of the journal Few-Body Systems. During the initial test phase (till the end of 1995) full access is free. Later on, a subscription will be required.
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