Useful Physics Links

Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
Home page of RAL.
Daresbury Laboratory
Home page of DL.
Guide to Available Mathematical Software (defunct?)
GAMS is an on-line cross-index of available mathematical software in various libraries (including NAG). An alternate entry point is :
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Physics
An entry straight to the physics section of the Web library at CERN.
The Numerical Algorithms Group Ltd (NAG) (tm).
The Numerical Algorithms Group Ltd (NAG) WWW server provides (non-commercial) information about NAG's mathematical and scientific software products and services. Information includes technical reports, availability, user notes, installation notes, demos and downloadable sofwtare. The server is also the home of the Fortran 90 Software Repository.
Web Elements
Web Elements is a periodic table database. It has lots of information on all the chemical elements.
The Institute of Physics
The WWW server for the Institute of Physics.
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