SCNP Preprints - 2000

Multi-quasiparticle isomers and rotational bands in $^{181}$Re
C.J. Pearson, P.M. Walker, C.S. Purry, G.D. Dracoulis, S. Bayer, A.P. Byrne, T. Kib\'edi and F.G. Kondev
Nucl. Phys. A674 (2000) 301-329
abstract available.

Competition between high-K states and rotational structures in $^{177}$Ta
M. Dasgupta, G.D. Dracoulis, P.M. Walker, A.P. Byrne, T. Kib\' edi, F.G. Kondev, G.J. Lane and P.H. Regan
Phys. Rev. C61 (2000) 044321 pp.1-33

Direct evidence for the breakdown of the N=8 shell closure in $^{12}$Be
A. Navin, D. Anthony, T. Aumann, T. Baumann, D. Bazin, B.A. Brown, Y. Blumenfeld, T. Glasmacher, P.G. Hansen, R.W. Ibbotson, P.A. Lofy, V. Maddalena, K. Miller, T. Nakamura, B. Pritychenko, B.M. Sherrill, E. Spears, M. Steiner, J.A. Tostevin, J. Yurkon and A. Wagner
Phys. Rev. Lett. {\bf 85} (2000), 266-269.
abstract available. Full paper can be accessed.

Analysing power of neutron removal reactions with beams of neutron-rich nuclei
R.C. Johnson and J.A. Tostevin
in: `Spins in Nuclear and Hadronic Reactions', Proceedings of the RCNP-TMU Symposium (Tokyo, Japan 26 - 28 October 1999), ed H Yabu, T Suzuki and H Toki, World Scientific (Singapore), October 2000.
abstract available. Full paper can be accessed.

Correlated scattering corrections to eikonal few-body models
J.M. Brooke and J.A. Tostevin
Phys. Rev. C, in press
abstract available. Full paper can be accessed.

Rotational and multi-quasiparticle excitations in $^{183}$Re
C.S. Purry, P.M. Walker, G.D. Dracoulis, S. Bayer, A.P. Byrne, T. Kib\'edi, F.G. Kondev, C.J. Pearson, J.A. Sheikh and F.R. Xu
Nucl. Phys. A672 (2000) 54-88

Moments of inertia for multi-quasiparticle configurations
S. Frauendorf, K. Neer- g{\aa}rd, J.A. Sheikh and P.M. Walker
Phys. Rev. C61 (2000) 064324 pp.1-7

Limit to high-spin isomerism in hafnium isotopes
F.R. Xu, P.M. Walker and R. Wyss
Phys. Rev. C62 (2000) 014301 pp.1-4

Search for very long-lived isomers in the hafnium-tungsten region
Zs.Podoly\'ak, P.M.Walker, D.M.Cullen, G.D.Dracoulis, P.Fallon, B.Fairchild, K.Hauschild, A.O.Macchiavelli, D.P.McNabb, A.Savelius, D.Ward and C.Wheldon
Phys. Rev. C in press

Exact potential representation of Glauber model S-matrix
R.S. Mackintosh and J.M. Brooke
Submitted to Nuclear Physics A.

Two-proton or diproton emission: $^{19}$Mg and $^{48}$Ni examples
L.V. Grigorenko, R.C. Johnson, I.G. Mukha, I.J. Thompson and M.V. Zhukov
Phys. Rev. Lett., to be published.

Halo Physics
I.J. Thompson
submitted to Nucl. Phys. A. (RNB5 conference proceedings)

Target dependence in the resonant 12C + 12C breakup of excited states in 24Mg
N. Curtis, M. Shawcross, W.N. Catford, B.R. Fulton, N.M. Clarke, S.J. Hall, J.T. Murgatroyd, S.P.G. Chappell, R.L. Cowin, G. Dillon and D.L. Watson
Phys Rev C 61 (2000) 064606

Detection of particle unbound states in a single Gas-Si-CsI hybrid telescope
M. Shawcross, W.N. Catford, N. Curtis, N.M. Clarke, S.P.G. Chappell, B.R. Fulton and D.L. Watson
Accepted for publication in NIMs A

Reaction mechanism populating 12C + 16O breakup states in 28Si
N. Curtis, M. Shawcross, W.N. Catford, B.R. Fulton, N.M. Clarke, S.J. Hall, J.T. Murgatroyd, S.P.G. Chappell, R.L. Cowin, G. Dillon and D.L. Watson
Accepted for publication in Phys Rev C

Mechanism of the 12C(24Mg,12C 12C)12C breakup reaction: direct or compound ?
S.M. Singer, W.N. Catford, G.J. Gyapong, M. Shawcross, N.M. Clarke, N. Curtis, M. Freer, B.R. Fulton, S.J. Hall, R.A. Le Marechal, M.J. Leddy, J.S. Pople, G. Tungate, R.P Ward, W.D.M. Rae, P.M. Simmons, S.P.G. Chappell, S.P. Fox, C.D. Jones, P. Lee and D.L. Watson
Submitted to Phys Rev C

Single-nucleon knockout reactions at fragmentation beam energies
J.A. Tostevin
Nuclear Physics A in press
abstract available.

Calculations of three-body observables in $^8$B breakup
J. A. Tostevin, F. M. Nunes, and I. J. Thompson
Submitted to Phys Rev C
abstract available. Full paper can be accessed.

Single-neutron knockout reactions: Application to the spectroscopy of $^{16,17,19}$C
V. Maddalena, T. Aumann, D. Bazin, B.A. Brown, J.A. Caggiano, B. Davids, T. Glasmacher, P.G. Hansen, R.W. Ibbotson, A. Navin, B.V. Pritychenko, H. Scheit, B.M. Sherrill, M. Steiner, J.A. Tostevin, and J. Yurkon
Submitted to Phys Rev C
abstract available. Full paper can be accessed.

Validity of spectator core model in neutron knock-out reactions
J.S. Al-Khalili
Nuclear Physics A, in press
abstract available.

Inelastic excitation of new high-spin yrast isomers in $^{180}$Ta
C. Wheldon, P.M. Walker, P. Chowdhury, I. Shestakova, R. D'Alarcao, I. Ahmad, M.P. Carpenter, D.M. Cullen, R.V.F. Janssens, T.L. Khoo, F.G. Kondev, C.J. Lister, C.J. Pearson, Z. Podoly\`ak, D. Seweryniak, I. Wiedenhoever
hys. Rev. C62 (2000) 57301 pp.1-4
abstract available.

Multistep Coulomb and nuclear breakup of one-nucleon halo nuclei
I.J. Thompson, J.A. Tostevin, and F.M. Nunes
Nuclei and Nucleons, Darmstadt, Germany 11-13 October 2000, Nucl. Phys. A, in press.

Pronounced shape change induced by quasiparticle alignment
A. Algora, G. de Angelis, F. Brandolini, R. Wyss, A. Gadea, E. Farnea, W. Gelletly, S. Lunardi, D. Bazzacco, C. Fahlander, A. Aprahamian, F. Becker, P. G. Bizzeti, A. Bizzeti-Sona, D. de Acuña, M. De Poli, J. Eberth, D. Foltescu, S. M. Lenzi, T. Martinez, D. R. Napoli, P. Pavan, C. M. Petrache, C. Rossi Alvarez, D. Rudolph, B. Rubio, S. Skoda, P. Spolaore, R. Menegazzo, H. G. Thomas and C. A. Ur
Phys. Rev. C (2000) 031303(R) pp.1-5

Observation of isomeric states in neutron deficient A~80 nuclei following the projectile fragmentation of $^{92}$Mo
C. Chandler, P. H. Regan, B. Blank, C. J. Pearson, A. M. Bruce, W. N. Catford, N. Curtis, S. Czajkowski, Ph. Dessagne, A. Fleury, W. Gelletly, J. Giovinazzo, R. Grzywacz, Z. Janas, M. Lewitowicz, C. Marchand, Ch. Miehé, N.A. Orr, R. D. Page, M. S. Pravikoff, A. T. Reed, M. G. Saint-Laurent, S. M. Vincent, R. Wadsworth, D. D. Warner, J. S. Winfield and F. Xu
Phys. Rev. C (2000) 044309 pp.1-14

Isomeric Decays in $^{200}$Pt
M. Caamano, P.M. Walker, P.H. Regan, C.J. Pearson, Zs. Podolyak, P. Mayet, J. Gerl, Ch. Schlegel, M. Hellstrom, M. Mineva, M. Pfutzner for the GSI ISOMER collaboration
Presented at the XXXV Zakopane School of Physics, Zakopane, Poland, September 5-13, 2000
abstract available.

Nuclear Structure of Heavy Neutron Rich Systems: Fragmentation Spectroscopy of a 1 GeV per Nucleon 208Pb Beam
M. Caamano, P.H. Regan, Zs. Podolyak, C.J. Pearson, P. Mayet, J.Gerl, Ch. Schlegel, M. Pfutzner, M. Hellstrom, M. Mineva and the GSI ISOMER Collaboration
abstract available.

On the normalisation of the ($^6$He,$^4$He) DWBA cross sections
N.K. Timofeyuk
abstract available.

Electromagnetic dissociation of 8B and the rate of the 7Be(p,gamma)8B reaction in the Sun
B. Davids, Sam M. Austin, D. Bazin, H. Esbensen, B.M. Sherrill, I.J. Thompson, and J.A. Tostevin
Submitted to Phys. Rev. C.

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