SCNP Preprints - 1994

Electromagnetic Dipole Response of 11Li in a Solvable Three-body Model
B V Danilin, I J Thompson, M V Zhukov, J S Vaagen and J M Bang
abstract available.

A relativistic model for -nucleus elastic scattering
Y Nedjadi and J Al-Khalili
abstract available.

Core excitation in One neutron halo systems
FM Nunes, IJ Thompson and RC Johnson
abstract available.

Comment on ``Nucleon Polarisation in three-body models of polarised Li''
VD Efros, JM Bang, IJ Thompson, P Urkedal, JS Vaagen and MV Zhukov
abstract available.

Validity of local density prescriptions for microscopic calculations of proton nucleus elastic scattering
R. Crespo, R.C. Johnson and J.A. Tostevin
abstract available.

Multi-quasiparticle excitations in the 180 mass region: Blocked pairing and residual interactions
Kiran Jain , G.D. Dracoulis , B. Fabricius , N. Rowley and P.M. Walker
abstract available.

Transformations of hyperspherical/oscillator functions: a simple algorithm for few-body calculations
V.D. Efros
abstract available.

Reaction mechanism for the symmetric breakup of 24Mg following an interaction with 12C
G.J. Gyapong, D.L. Watson, W.N. Catford, N.M Clarke, S.J. Bennett, M. Freer, B.R. Fulton, C.D. Jones, M. Leddy, J.T. Murgatroyd, W.D.M. Rae and P. Simmons
abstract available.

High-K structures at the yrast line
P.M. Walker
abstract available.

Spin-orbit interaction effects in the scattering of protons from halo nuclei
R. Crespo, R.C. Johnson and J.A. Tostevin
abstract available.

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