SCNP Preprints - 1995

Measurement of the g-factor of the yrast 10+ state in Cd-110
P.H. Regan, A.E. Stuchbery and S.S. Anderssen
abstract available.

High-K Structures in Sm-136
P.H. Regan, G.D. Dracoulis, A.P. Byrne, G.J. Lane, T. Kibedi, P.M. Walker, A.M. Bruce
abstract available.

Spin-dependence of the scattering of protons from halo nuclei
R. Crespo, J.A. Tostevin and R.C. Johnson
abstract available.

Mean field calculations of nucleon-nucleus elastic scattering
R. Crespo, R.C. Johnson and J.A. Tostevin
abstract available.

Influence of Complex Surface Vibrations on the Fusion of 58Ni + 60Ni
A. M. Stefanini, D. Ackermann, L. Corradi, D. R. Napoli, C. Petrache, P. Spolaore, P. Bednarczyk, H. Q. Zhang, S. Beghini, G. Montagnoli, L. Mueller, F. Scarlassara, G. F. Segato, F. Sorame and N. Rowley

Probing Fusion Barrier Distributions with Quasi-Elastic Scattering
H. Timmers, J. R. Leigh, M. Dasgupta, D. J. Hinde, R. C. Lemmon, J. C. Mein, C. R. Morton, J. O. Newton and N. Rowley

New symmetry in Many-Body Effective Hamiltonians: An Example of Rotating Nuclei
O. Burglin, J. Dudek, B. Heydon, N. El-Aouad, N. Rowley, W. Satula, and Z. Szymanski

Rotation of an eight-quasiparticle yrast isomer
C.S. Purry, P.M. Walker, G.D. Dracoulis, T. Kibedi, S. Bayer, A.M. Bruce, A.P. Byrne, M. Dasgupta, W. Gelletly, F. Kondev, P.H. Regan and C. Thwaites
abstract available.

The Threshold Anomaly in the 16O + {58,60,62,64}Ni Systems
N. Keeley, J.A. Christley, N.M. Clarke, B.R. Fulton, J.S. Lilley, M.A. Nagarajan and I.J. Thompson
(Nuclear Physics A582 (1995) 314-334).

Ion-Ion Potentials for Neutron-Rich Radioactive Beams
C.H. Dasso, S.M. Lenzi, J.A. Christley, M.A. Nagarajan and A. Vittur
(accepted for publication by Nuclear Physics).

Collisions of Almost Identical Nuclei: Fusion Cross Sections and Barrier Distributions
J.A. Christley, M.A. Nagarajan and A. Vitturi
(accepted for publication by Nuclear Physics).

High Resolution Gamma-ray Spectroscopy with a Radioactive Beam
W.N. Catford*, S. Mohammadi, P.H. Regan, C.S. Purry, W. Gelletly, P.M. Walker, G.J. Gyapong, J. Simpson, D.D. Warner, T. Davinson, R. Neal, R.D. Page, A.C. Shotter, I.M. Hibbert, R. Wadsworth, S.A. Forbes, A.M. Bruce, C. Thwaites, P. Thirolf, P. Van Duppen, W. Galster, A. Ninane, J. Vervier, P. Decrock, M. Huyse, J. Szerypo and J. Wauters
abstract available.

Density distributions from reaction cross section measurements of halo nuclei.
M.P. Bush, J.S. Al-Khalili, J.A. Tostevin and R.C. Johnson
abstract available.

Measuring the Shape of Breakup Momentum Distributions.
J.J. Kolata and I.J. Thompson
abstract available.

Elastic scattering of 6He and its analysis within a four-body eikonal model.
J.S. Al-Khalili, P. Roussel-Chomaz and GANIL collaboration
abstract available.

Structure signatures in proton scattering from 9,11Li.
R. Crespo, J.A. Tostevin and I.J. Thompson
abstract available.

Adiabatic treatment of final states in (p,d*) reactions.
B. Gonul and J.A. Tostevin
abstract available.


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