SCNP Preprints - 1996

Quasielastic scattering of 9Li on 12C
M. Zahar, M. Belbot, J.J. Kolata, K. Lamkin, D.J. Morrissey, B.M. Sherrill, M. Lewitowicz, A.H. Wuosmaa, J.S. Al-Khalili, J.A. Tostevin and I.J. Thompson
(to appear in September issue of Phys. Rev. C)
abstract available.

Matter radii of light halo nuclei
J.S. Al-Khalili and J.A. Tostevin
( Phys. Rev. Lett. 76 (1996) 3903--3906.)
abstract available.

High Spin States in 107Pd, 108Pd, and 109Ag
K. R. Pohl, P. H. Regan$, J. E. Bush, P. E. Raines and D. P. Balamuth
(Accepted for publication in Phys. Rev. C)
abstract available.

Radii of halo nuclei from cross section measurements
J.S. Al-Khalili, J.A. Tostevin and I.J. Thompson
(submitted to Phys. Rev. C)
abstract available.

How large are the halos of light nuclei?
J.A. Tostevin and J.S. Al-Khalili, contribution to RNB-4, Fourth International Conference on Nuclear Beams. Proceedings to be published in Nucl. Phys. A.

Core excitation in three-body systems: application to $^{12}$Be
F.M. Nunes, J.A. Christley, I.J. Thompson, R.C.Johnson and V.D. Efros
(submitted to Nucl. Phys. A)
abstract available.

Uncertainties in the ground state structure of $^{8}$B and implications for the $S_{17}$ Astrophysical S factor.
F.M. Nunes, R. Crespo and I.J. Thompson
(submitted to Nucl. Phys. A)
abstract available.

Return of K selection at high spin: decay of bandheads in 178W.
P.M. Walker, C.S. Purry, G.D. Dracoulis, T. Kibedi, F. Kondev, S. Bayer, A.M. Bruce, A.P. Byrne, M. Dasgupta, W. Gelletly, P.H. Regan and C. Thwaites.
(to be published in Proc. Conf. on Nuclear Structure at the Limits, Argonne National Laboratory, USA, 22-26 July 1996)

Revised size determinations for light halo nuclei.
J.S. Al-Khalili and J.A. Tostevin
(Contribution to RIKEN Workshop: Nuclear Physics in RI Beam Factory, RIKEN Tokyo, Japan, June 17 1996)

High resolution gamma-ray spectroscopy with a radioactive beam.
W.N. Catford, S. Mohammadi, P.H. Regan, C.S. Purry, W. Gelletly, P.M. Walker, G.J. Gyapong, J. Simpson, D.D. Warner, T. Davinson, R. Neal, R.D. Page, A.C. Shotter, I.M. Hibbert, R. Wadsworth, S.A. Forbes, A.M. Bruce, C. Thwaites, P. Thirolf, P. Van Duppen, W. Galster, A. Ninane, J. Vervier, P. Decrock, M. Huyse, J. Szerypo, and J. Wauters
Proceedings of RNB--4 Conference, Omiya, Japan, June 1996
To be published in Nuclear Physics A
abstract available.

Beyond the eikonal model for few-body systems.
J.S. Al-Khalili, J.A. Tostevin and J.M. Brooke
(To appear as rapid communication in Phys. Rev. C55 (1997) R1018-R1022)
abstract available.

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