Director: Professor I.J. Thompson

The Surrey Centre for Nuclear Physics (SCNP) is based at the University of Surrey. It manages the Marie Curie Training Site, funded by the EU Fifth Framework "Human Potential Programme", for the training of European doctoral students visiting Surrey.

Marie Curie Training Site
  • Current and forthcoming visitors to SCNP
  • Forthcoming seminars
  • Postgraduate training programme
  • EU & Associated states

  • Nuclear Physics Group at Surrey
  • Research activities at Surrey
  • How to get there
  • Preprint list
  • Racah Algebra

  • Other nuclear physics groups in UK

  • The Nuclear Physics Group of the UK Institute of Physics .
  • The SCNP's predecessor, the Southern Centre for Nuclear Physics (1993-1999) was established to support, promote and enhance UK nuclear physics, in particular the activities of both theoretical and experimental nuclear physicists from several institutions in southern England.
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