Sirius Booklets are Launched

The SIRIUS project, to build the world's premier radioactive beam facility at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, has completed the formal "project definition" stage and now moves into the publicity and fund-searching stages. The booklets produced to define and publicise SIRIUS indicate that the facility could be built within four years following the approval of funding.

The Science booklet has been designed in a glossy A4 format, featuring eye-catching colour photographs of nuclear physics results plus examples from related physics areas that would benefit from SIRIUS. These include a wide range of semiconductor and surface physics as pioneered at ISOLDE, as well as nuclear astrophysics. The booklet is aimed at a general audience literate in physics, highlighting the possibilities of SIRIUS for scientists who are not presently using nuclear techniques.

For more information about the aims of SIRIUS, click here (http://sort1.ph.man.ac.uk/)

For a copy of the Science booklet in pdf format (2.9 Mb) get SIRIUSver3.pdf, for a Macintosh version get macSIRIUSver3.pdf, or copy SIRIUSver3.pdf using ftp from ftp.ph.surrey.ac.uk on the path pub/catford/sirius.

Wilton Catford
UK Radioactive Beams Users' Group

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