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Profiles of UK Polymer Colloids Academics

Research Expertise and Facilities Available


The aim in preparing these profiles was to provide a focused source of information to assist people in companies, in government agencies and laboratories, at the UK Research Councils and in academia to identify UK academics who could carry out collaborative research programmes/projects, provide analytical and other services, give advice, etc. in the general field of Polymer Colloids.

Each UK academic who is active in the field of Polymer Colloids has provided a one-page profile for inclusion on the Web Site. The profiles give contact information and an overview of the academic's research interests, expertise and facilities in the form of a bulleted-style list for ease of reading. To further assist the ease of using the Web Site, the individual profiles have been brought into a single style of presentation.

If you are simply looking to contact a particular UK academic, then just click on any of the names listed below to find the profile and contact information. You can also perform a key word search. (It is more efficient if you choose to search only the Physics WWW Server.)

The UK Polymer Colloids Forum hopes that you will find this Web listing to be useful and of lasting value.

Professor Peter A. Lovell
UK Polymer Colloids Forum

September 1999



Prof. Steven Armes

Dr. Paul Bartlett

Professor Brian W. Brooks

Professor Richard E. Challis

Professor Terence Cosgrove

Professor Stanley S. Davis

Professor John V. Dawkins

Professor Athene M. Donald

Dr. Julian Eastoe

Professor Neil B. Graham

Professor John Gregory

Dr. Peter C. Griffiths

Prof. John N. Hay

Dr. John Hearn

Dr. Thelma M. Herrington

Professor Douglas J. Hourston

Dr. Joseph Keddie

Professor Kevin Kendall

Dr. Stephen A. Leharne

Professor Peter A. Lovell

Dr. Michael O'Brien

Professor Ronald H. Ottewill

Prof. Wilson C. K. Poon

Professor Colin Price

Professor Peter N. Pusey

Dr. Adrian R. Rennie

Dr. Stephen Rimmer

Dr. Ian D. Robb

Professor Brian H. Robinson

Professor David C. Sherrington

Dr. Martin J. Snowden

Professor Ian Soutar

Dr. Linda Swanson

Professor Brian Vincent

Dr. Clive Washington

Professor Peter A. Williams



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