What do the faintest stars look like? How many cosmic rays are passing through the earth? How does the earth's magnetic field change when there is a solar storm? How is the hole in the ozone layer changing? Here you can check up on:

Observation satellites may be only 700 km above the Earth. They orbit from North to South as the earth rotates below them.

They see a different segment of the Earth each time they pass over and build up a complete picture by piecing together all the strips of the Earth. These images give us vital information about how are world functions and the effect we are having upon it.

Satellites can see where you live! Satellites like SPOT and even UoSAT-12 can see individual buildings. Some, like IKONOS, can see objects as small as a metre across. Military "spy" satellites are capable of even finer resolution - think about that next time you are sunbathing in your garden!

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